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Brett & Melissa, Engaged | Red Deer Engagement Photographer

An engagement session in the mountains? Don’t mind if I do!

Brett & Melissa, Engaged

Tuesday was a stay-at-home-and-snuggle-the-baby kind of day. As the afternoon slowly rolled around, I received a message from Melissa’s mom asking that I give Brett a call as soon as possible, ‘he’s going to propose on Friday’ she said. Brett had chosen a beautiful viewpoint overlooking mountains for his surprise proposal. There would be a short ride up the mountain and I would find a good vantage point to sneakily take photos from. Everything sounded perfect! Until I remembered that I had motherly duties to attend to and would sadly have to decline photographing the proposal… I may have spent the rest of the afternoon sulking. Fortunately though, Brett was able to find another photographer who was available and she took beautiful photos of the proposal!

Following the proposal, Melissa reached out to discuss engagement and wedding photography; I was thrilled! We made a plan to meet up at Tim Hortons and of course I was late because mom-brain and baby blow-outs are a real life crisis. Thankfully my son had his charming smile on and was content to hang out while we talked business. Melissa described this place up a sketchy road in the mountains that she thought would be perfect for their engagement photos. She was right, it was a great location!

I had so much fun photographing Brett and Melissa’s engagement and I can’t wait for their fall wedding, it’s going to be a good one!