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Craig & Melissa, Engaged | Red Deer Wedding Photographer

Nearing the end of an impossibly long winter (or so it felt), we lucked out with sunshine and blue skies for Craig & Melissa’s engagement session! The wind was a bit icy, but that didn’t slow us down!

Craig & Melissa, Engaged

During my many wanderings around Red Deer I came across Waskasoo Park and was pleasantly surprised at the pine tree to twig tree ratio! Most parks in the area at this time of the year are severely lacking in the foliage department and anyone who has worked with me – or is familiar with my work – knows that I love a good pop of color and despise bare, twiggy trees. The creek left something to be desired, being all brown and mucky but on the right angle it could lend a bit of contrast to the image. So we gave this location a try!

Waskasoo Park turned out to be great for our session; the snow was fresh enough to still look pretty and the creek was completely frozen giving it a blueish tint. The sun was out in full force and filtered through the trees creating a perfect glow. Craig and Melissa were great to work with and I am pretty sure they never stopped smiling at each other for the whole session! I can’t wait for their summer wedding!


Here’s a shout out to Craig for picking out such a uniquely beautiful ring for Melissa!