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Shoot & Share Contest, 2019 | Red Deer Photographer


The results are in and our road trip to Siffluer Falls in Nordegg landed Beckam a finalist badge! This image placed 331 of 41,321 images in the Babies/Toddlers Category. Being one of my favorite images from the year, I couldn’t be happier!

Shoot & Share Contest, 2019

Each year, Shoot & Share hosts a worldwide photography contest and showcases some amazing talent. There are various categories and photographers are able to submit up to 50 images; my favorite categories are Lifestyle/Documentary, Pets, and Wedding Details! This year alone over 400,000 images were submitted to the contest… crazy right?! Once voting begins, it is open to everyone. Images are shown in groups of four throughout twelve rounds. I like to encourage everyone to vote, however it can become a bit addicting!

This was my fourth year participating and although I didn’t vote as much as last year, it was still fun to participate!

Category: Babies/Toddlers, Round 12, Placed 331/41,321
Category: Babies/Toddlers, Round 11, Placed 650/41,321
Category: Wedding Couple, Round 9, Placed 4465/45,058
Category: Pets/Animals, Round 11, Placed 977/24,540
Category: Families, Round 11, Placed 1007/41,257
Category: Wedding Couple, Round 10, Placed 2950/45,058
Category: Babies/Toddlers, Round 9, Placed 4096/41,321
Category: Pets/Animals, Round 10, Placed 1621/24,540
Category: Babies/Toddlers, Round 9, Placed 5126/41,321
Category: Babies/Toddlers, Round 9, Placed 4792/41,321
Category: Babies/Toddlers, Round 8, Placed 5952/41,321
(LEFT) Category: Wedding Couple, Round 9, Placed 11,240/45,058
(RIGHT) Category: Engagement/Couples, Round 7, Placed 13,308/48,578